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Clear Folio

Clear Folio is a project I've been thinking about for a while. I have investments with different brokers - Hargreaves Lansdown, and Freetrade - some are better than others are showing historic performance of your portfolio. Overall, it's quite difficult to tell if your investments are performing well compared to an index or other benchmark. My HL account is up 25% overall, and up 0.16% since yesterday - is that good or bad? 2022 was one of the worst performing years in decades - how is my particular mix of stocks, funds, and ETFs performing? Would I have been better or worse putting all my money into a basic ETF? With the numbers provided by Hargreaves, I have no idea.Freetrade is better - it shows my valuation over time and I can also see two performance measures: money-weighted, and time-weighted rate of return. And these are shown over time, compared with the FTSE All World ETF as a benchmark. So I can see for various time periods if I'm doing better or worse than the market overall (significantly worse over all time 🤦).I want to calculate these measures myself for my total portfolio, and for chunks of my portfolio as I see fit.